SEO – Search Engine Optimisation


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SEO packages are not mobile phone plans and there are countless cases of businesses who not only didn’t get what they paid for, but were actually penalised and/or blacklisted by Google for using dodgy practices.

All of our SEO is done under our watch right here in Australia & is conducted in accordance with Google’s best practices. We’ve never received a Google Ranking penalty.

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Grow Your Business With Sustainable SEO Strategies

Click Champion are proud to offer industry leading SEO services. SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation. These are the organic search results typically displayed underneath the AdWords listings. Unlike AdWords, there is no cost per click (CPC) associated with these listings. By keeping up with Google’s ever changing platform, Click Champion will optimise your website and start increasing it’s trust flow so it gets treated favourably by Google’s algorithms.

Direct Free Relevant Traffic To Your Website

Unlinke Google AdWords, SEO provides organic traffic flow to your website with no cost per click. There are also certain demographics of people who will never click on paid advertisements. You will find most market leaders are making the most of both paid and unpaid traffic.

It is important you partner with a reputable SEO company, as many companies use unethical short cut techniques that benefit in the short term, but ultimately result in Google rank penalties or black listing. All of our SEO is done in accordance with Google’s Best Practices to ensure your website always goes forwards, not backwards. There are many different elements to effective SEO and once you piece them all together, business will be booming.


We take care of all the hard work for you. Just watch as your site quickly climbs Google’s search results.

Keyword Phrase Research & Recommendations

Through a combination of statistical analysis of your current web site performance, competitor analysis and desktop research, Click Champion will identify the most appropriate keyword phrases that your website should be targeting. Some of the keyword phrases will be volume oriented and others will be focused on the higher converting and longer “money” keyword phrases of three, four or even five words. We will be able to use data from Google AdWords to help us make the best keyword choices.

Preliminary Status Report

This report provides a starting point or benchmark for your website and includes recent traffic trends, the keyword phrases we will be targeting and your current position in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s) for these terms.

Structural SEO

There are certain tools available that the Search Engines encourage websites to incorporate into their technical infrastructure; for example, a robots.txt file which instructs a Search Engine spider as to which pages it should and shouldn’t index and a sitemap.xml file that presents the structure of your website to Search Engine spiders in a particularly easy way for them to learn about all your pages. These and other structural components will be added as required to your web directory.

On-Site SEO

In this component we draft modifications to your existing website pages so as to optimise each page’s keyword emphasis and density, both for visible on-page text as well as for elements not visible on the page such as Meta data/tags and coded emphasis tags. We can also create some new “landing” pages specifically developed to maximise essential keyword phrase visibility with the SE’s.

Off-Site SEO

Off site SEO involves linking and networking with other sites that Google trusts. To position yourself as an authority in your industry on the internet, you need to be linked with sites that Google trusts. Offshore SEO services will often spam your website across the internet on low quality blogs, directories and forums. This never ends well. Don’t fall victim to cheap link building services, on or off shore.

Google Places and Google Maps Optimisation

Getting a higher rank on the Google Maps listing will make your business stand out in the Google Maps SERPs. The marketing on Google Places has become highly competitive and it has become essential to optimise the profile for better positioning.

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