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kwfinder is a new SEO tool by Mangools that will help you reach Page 1 of Google and explain how to get there. Introducing kwfinder an extremly powerful yet user friendly Search Engine Optimization tool by Mangools.Free Keyword research and analysis tools. kwfinder is a live SEO analysis tool that is free to use and highly acurate in finding both search trends areas of the market that offer easy SEO growth.Are you a small business getting crushed by big competitors with bigger SEO campaigns? Have you tried and tried to rank your keywords on the first page of google with no luck?There is a solution to this. Yes it a sure fire way to get your website on page one of Google. No it is not easy. But the SEO tool we will be discussing today (kwfinder by Mangools) will make life a lot simpler for you when trying to under what long tail keywords to optimize for.SEO is like any other service or trade. The more time you invest to doing the job properly the better the results. Half-hearted attempts to optimize your online presence is not going to take you to page one of google. Or page two. Probably not page 3 or 4 either but hey there are those of us who get lucky.Like Chess Grandmaster Ben Finegold says “the good player is always lucky”Chess like SEO has no random elements.SO….in this Blog I have one very important idea for you. And a free tool to that works like a charm will make your job that much easier. And it will get you ranked taking for granted you have….Onsite optimization of your existing website already done.
  • H1 Tags
  • Meta Tags
  • 1500 words of content on the landing page
  • Pinned map linked to Google Maps
  • Website security
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  • Yoast SEO
  • Mobile friendly site…
So on and so forth in a similar fashion. Now never mind the sex pistols & let’s get down to SEO and how we are going to rank you.There is an industry secret that you probably don’t know about. Probably because you’re not in the digital marketing industry. But entire companies have built their empire upon it. It called


If you haven’t guessed by the name long tail keywords are keywords that typically have more words than most targeted keywords.Examples:


Family lawyer Sydney

Long-Tail Keyword

Who is the best family lawyer in Sydney’s CBD That’s not to say that all long tail keywords need as many as 9 words to them.


Happy hour pubs Adelaide

Long tail-keywords

happy hour pubs in south AdelaideIn the second example the difference is only two words long but the first you can bet has a lot more searches of a evening than the second. By a long shot. But the up side to it is you will be able to rank a lot easier for the Long Tail Keyword (LTK) as opposed to it’s shorter cousin.You might very reasonably ask why would I want to rank for keywords with low traffic. The answer is many fold but the simplest and most important is…..If you rank for enough of them it will equal a lot of internet traffic. Like I said this method does work but it is also not a quick fix solution to all your problems. Sorry. I know there are sharks in the industry that are always selling the 7 days to Google domination package but at Click Champion were out of that stock.

kwfinder by Mangools

Mangools hads designed a free SEO tool to identify the competition for keywords in your area. While the idea of kwfinder is to use the program to make progress for Long Tail Keywords it also displays many high traffic single keywords as well. For more than one reason kwfinder is a great tool for SEO clicking the link below you be taken to the home page of kwfinder you have arrived on the home page simply fill in the boxes. Keywords, location and Language.kwfinder Kwfinder is great SEO tool for seoHitting search will take you inside kwfinder.One the left hand side of the screen you will see you are presented with a list of key-words.  with the SEO difficulty being next to them, mostly hidden by a little magnifying glass.Free SEO toolsClick the magnifying glass to find out the keyword difficulty. Typically the further you scroll down the longer the keywords and thus typically the lower the difficulty. The lower the difficulty to rank the easier it is to make it to page 1 of google.long tail search termThe other useful info in this box is Trend: the amount of searches made over the previous months Search: the average amount of searches made monthly CPC: Cost Per Click if you bought this keyword in Google Ad-words PPC: Level of coemption from 0-100
Organic Keywords
How to pick organic keywords to rank high on Google using Mangools free SEO tool. kwfinder.
On the right side of the screen you can see who is ranking for a given keyword and a closer look at the monthly search volumes.Search trends on googleThere are live links to the exact web-pages that are ranking for a given keyword.
SEO keyword finding tool
try mangools longtail keyword finding tool to identify low competition keywords
*Here is were the work comes in. You need to check out the webpages you competitors are ranking for. Essentially you will have to produce better content to out rank them. Better, faster stronger. If the top three links average 1000 words write 2000. If they have 5 images a page have ten. Whatever there doing. Closely look at the topics they are writing about, the tips they are giving and expand on them. That’s it. That easy. Not fast but I think this is an easy enough formula for anyone to follow.
The best free SEO tool for South Austrlaian Business owenrs
Get data on what your competitors are doing in your area to to rank on page one of Google. kwfinder can easily identify the easiest search terms to put your website in a better position on google
There is a lot of important info on this screen, check out the image below. The boxed abbreviations hold the keys to a world of insightsIn order from left to rightDA = Domain Authority: How many the authority entire domain has with Google PA = Page Authority: How much authority the ranking page has with google MR = Moz Authority: How much authority the domain has with MOZ. MT = Moz Trust Score: How much trust the domain has with MOZ Links = Number of authority external links to the webpage FB = Number of shares the page has Facebook G+ = Number of shares the page has on Google + (G+)For some reason people are happy to invest in tools, insurance and staff but when it comes to finding 4 hours a week for their SEO they seem not to see the value. But in actual fact your websites relationship with google is going to be the biggest factor that influences your profits of the next 10 years. This is not true of every Australian business but it is true for the vast majority businesses in Australia and across the world.The business owners who have recognized this are the ones that have left you behind.But there is hope, a little work week to week. Produce high quality content. Use all the tools available to you, many of them free like kwfinder by mangools and you will begin to rise through the pages of google. It’s not going to be easy if you do it yourself but it can be done.SEO has a process and system in place and kwfinder by mangools is a great system to give you the competitive edge over your competitors.Hope this SEO tool helps you all rank.To start using this amazing Free SEO Tool click the link below read the latest blogs from Click Champion and for more amazing SEO Tools click the link below 
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