Google Adwords

Is Your Business Getting The Most Out of Google?

Google is currently responsible for approximately 90% of Australian internet search traffic and should be considered the backbone of any successful online marketing strategy. Google AdWords comprises of Google’s Search and Display Network. This will give you the exposure you need to display your business in front of potential customers who are specifically searching for your products and services.

Google’s Search and Display Network offers fast results in reaching new customers and growing your business.

Google’s Search Network

Google’s Search Network will expose your business to searches coming from Google’s search engine. In simple terms, when you start displaying on search results containing keywords relevant to your business, you’ll see increased quality traffic to your website and an increase in enquiries, leads and sales. The team at Click Champion guarantee a Google first page position within 48 hours.

Google’s Display Network

Google’s Display Network consists of more than 3 million websites. You have the ability to promote your business with both text and banner advertisements on websites where your future customers are surfing. Banner advertising works really well for promoting your business to people who have already shown an interest in what you’re doing. Click Champion have extensive experience setting up comprehensive remarketing campaigns. For more information on remarketing click HERE

Every business should be on Google’s Search Network. Although often successful, the effectiveness of remarketing and Display Network advertising differs from industry to industry. Get in touch with us to see if this is a suitable fit for your business.

AdWords Accelerator Training

Make Google Work For You. Stop wasting Money on AdWords and start generating more business online with AdWords basics. Our free AdWords Accelerator coaching session will arm you with the knowledge you need to take your AdWords campaign to the next level and improve your return on investment.

Is Your Business Ready For:

  • More Enquiries, Leads and Sales
  • Powerful keyword optimisation tactics to improve your online presence
  • More Conversions
  • Premium traffic that actually converts into leads and sales
  • Marketing and web advice to move you business to the next level
  • Conversion tracking to show business generated from your campaigns
  • Free 1 hour consultation with a top tier Google Certified Professional

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