Pay per click (PPC) is an extremely effective form of online marketing. However, the reality is that most paid clicks aren’t going to convert into an enquiry, lead or sale on the first website visit. That doesn’t mean the traffic isn’t qualified or interested, they may be researching different providers or planning to make a decision in the future. How do you give yourself the best chance of converting that traffic in the future?

Enter remarketing!

Remarketing will display banner advertisements to all your website visitors across Google’s Display Network (GDN). This creates brand recognition and will have customers either consciously or subconsciously remember you when it comes time to make the decision. You also increase your reputation when you start appearing on YouTube and major news sites across the internet. Remarketing is targeted advertising, you’ll be promoting your business to people who have already shown an interest in what you’re doing.

Offering discounts or promotions on banner advertisements can encourage customers to make a decision and buy from you now, rather than someone else later.

Remarketing is also available on Facebook which is a fantastic option for some businesses. Click Champion will employ advanced tactics to ensure you get maximum exposure and conversions from everybody who visits your website.

Banner advertisement design? Leave that to us. How do you get the best results? We’ve got that covered. Contact one of our Google certified staff today to see if Remarketing is the right fit for your business.